OFWGKTA x The OfF Beats - Earl Evil Mix

Free Earl. Golf Wang.

Earl Sweatshirt - Earl (Mark Sabb Evil Remix) by The OfF Beats

Jeet and Friends make a pornographic film

Not really, but like 90% of this is NSFW, the other 10% is awesome hip hop videos during a party I was working too hard to go to...some guys have all the fun...

While we are on videos, go to New Vintage!


Peter Bjorn and John x Busta Rhymes x The OfF Beats - Please Go

Busta Rhymes, Q tip, and Peter Bjorn are my favorite musicians of all time. This was an honor.

Peter Bjorn and John x Busta Rhymes x Mark Sabb - Please Go by The OfF Beats

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There's no 'official' Off Beats twitter, mainly because any collective that has one twitter is more often than not really lame - plus we'd rather not deal with spam concentrated into one place.

So, here is Mark's twitter in all its The Off Beats Movement styling.



Look! A movie + OST

Umm so other groups may put out singles with B Sides, but we'd rather make a sick short film and then give you guys the tracks because we really love you guys.

But not like the weird kind of deadly love that we see in this movie.

Please watch in HD.

We've submitted this film to two short film fests and have been screened at both! Lets hope we get more good news from these festivals saying we won.


First song -
Mark Sabb - Another Funeral Theme by The OfF Beats

End Credits -
The Western by The OfF Beats

For more videos go here.

Why this guy needs to be heard

Some of us have to study music theory books and listen to countless hours of Dilla, Q Tip, Madlib, DJ Scratch, Babu, Illmind, 9th Wonder, and Khrysis to learn how to put together hot tracks. Others are just born with it. Kyle belongs to the latter. Here is an OLD video to prove it.

Now he has made one of my favorite songs of the last five years.
Lion King - Kyle Royster by The OfF Beats

We don't even know the name of these songs - mostly because Kyle doesn't name them as he is an asshole.

It sounds like kids playing

Except kids aren't this smart.

Children by The OfF Beats

In middle school his Aim s/n was Kyleplayspianobetterthanmark

I grew up with this guy. He trains Pit Bulls to fight against Peta activists fighting Pit Bull fighting.

He also happens to be one of the freshest talents on the Electronic scene.

The Jungle - Kyle Royster by The OfF Beats


For Zach

We made this track for one of our favorite rappers to the point that we just named it "For Zach." As soon as we getter a better quality we'll throw that up, but until that time you guys get more samples, kicks, guitars, snares, and N.W.A. hihat rolls.

For Zack by The OfF Beats

Funk and soul are styles

Certainly not genres...

70s by The OfF Beats

While Lu takes lessons from Santana

We're still stuck on his old stuff

Groove for A Chinese Girl by The OfF Beats

Hard Rock

But we don't smoke crack

The Life I Always Envied by The OfF Beats

Eddie is the greatest

This beat is no joke.

Docta Robot PerformsAtTheGuitarBattle by The OfF Beats

Nobody Listens to Jazz Anymore

The best reactions always come when we rock over a Jazz song.

Mark Sabb - Chill Out Son by The OfF Beats


If you know us...

You know we are all really nice, chivalrous men that will pull out your chair if you pay for our dinner.

And we'll make songs inspired by you, but won't put your name on them so when you tell your friends about it after we leave you they'll think you're lying!

Such a pretty song

A Lovely Afternoon by The OfF Beats

Luis killed the guitar on that btw.

Fresh Out The Oven

I hate when producers/musicians say stuff like that, you are a beatmaker, not a Baker Ace of Cakes.

Smile by The OfF Beats